Magic Wednesdays

The test month of Magic Wednesdays went well, so from here on out Wednesday is our official night for Magic: The Gathering! The monthly schedule will work as follows:

1st Week:  Drafts & Drafts
2nd Week: Casual
3rd Week:  Standard Constructed
4th Week:  Casual

Have thoughts about what could make our Magic nights better? Let us know!


Fireside Games’ Castle Panic Birthday Party!

Saturday September 13th, Emerald Tavern Games & Cafe will be hosting the 5th birthday party of Fireside Games’  Castle Preservation Society (as in, Castle Panic is 5 years young and running strong)!

castle-panic-birthday-goblinThere will be cake, and balloons, and prizes!

There will be beer, and coffee, and games!  (Though you will have to pay for the beer and coffee. :) )

See our events calendar for more details.

X-Wing League Awards!

After four weeks of tough battles, TIE swarms and epic die rolls, we have come to the end of our Star Wars X-Wing League! With some nice alternate art cards, deck boxes and acrylic tokens at stake, I present you our 2014 Summer X-Wing League winners!

Overall Winner: Frank J. will be taking home a Special Summer 2014 Medal, Alternate Art Biggs Darklighter card and Acrylic Bomb Tokens
2nd Place: Kai Y. has won the Alternate Art Biggs Darklighter Card and Acrylic Bomb Tokens
3rd Place: Finally, Per E. and Eugene H. have won their choice of Deck Boxes!

For our winners, if you won’t be attending the tournament contact me for your awards!

We would like to remind all of our League Players noted on the Stats page that they are welcome to a League-Only Escalating Squadron tournament on Monday, the 18th, starting at 5:30 PM!

Girl’s Game Night!

Ladies! Are you tired of your guy bringing down your gaming skills? Are you tired of being the “token girl” in your gaming circle? Are you a strong, independent geek woman just looking for a group? Then come on out to Emerald Tavern Games & Cafe on August 23rd from 2-6 PM!
More info on our events page!

Magic: Drafts and Drafts Aug 6th

Grab a draft beer and join us for a draft tournament. We will be drafting the new Magic 2015 Core Set. Open packs, build a deck, and compete against other planeswalkers. Keep the cards you draft. Prizes for winner(s). New to drafting? No worries! We are new player friendly! We tap the beer. You tap the cards. It’s Drafts and Drafts! See the event page for more details.

Lovecraft Games Night

The stars are right…for a night of H.P. Lovecraft that is! Join us at Emerald Tavern Games & Cafe on July 28th from 5-9 PM for an evening of Lovecraftian gaming. We will be playing everything from quick and simple Cthulhu Dice to chaotic Arkham Horror. Do you have a favorite game starring everyone’s favorite Elder Gods? Bring it in and convert a cultist or two, Hastur isn’t picky! If you’re new, don’t worry, no experience required! Grab a group and enjoy the insanity of the Elder Gods.

Visit our Events Page for more details

Fireside Games Day July 27th

You asked and we listened! On Sunday, July 27th from 1pm to 6pm; Emerald Tavern Games & Cafe will be hosting our second Games Day!
This time we’ll not only feature games from the Austin-based Fireside Games, we will be hosting the creators as well! Justin and Anne-Marie will be hanging out during the event; teaching games, answering questions and giving away some swag!!

Come on down and learn to play. Fireside Games will be on hand to teach Castle Panic and other such hits from their amazing lineup!

51stw6E9OWL._SY300_Event details on our events calendar.