Emerald Tavern Games & Cafe Netrunner League


Come be a part of the first-ever Android: Netrunner league at Emerald Tavern Games and Cafe!
Players of all levels are welcome.  The league is designed to reward casual (and fun) play!

Schedule and Entry Fee

Entry is easy! Just buy yourself a $10 Emerald Tavern gift card!

League Demo Day is Saturday, 4/19, 1-6pm.  Come learn (or teach) how to play. No prizes, points, or stress, just lots of demos!

League begins Saturday, 4/26 and runs through Saturday, 5/24.  “League Days” are Saturdays from 1-6pm, but you are welcome to play games at any time during the week.  The cards allowed each week will change…

Visit our League page for more details. Netrunner League

Battletech Demo Monday April 7, 6PM – 10PM


Battletech is a game with a rich history spanning back to the 80′s.  The new introductory box set released in March 2014 and is (in our not-so-humble-opinion) the best ever, featuring double sided game-board maps, and two dozen ready to play miniatures.

We will be running a perpetual demo as well as regular games for those with prior experience. Jump into the perpetual demo at any time, no experience is required, we’ll teach the game.

If you like a tactical game with a bit more complexity than most boardgames, come on by, grab a pint, and check it out.


New Items March 26th

We’ve received several dozen new releases and games we’ve not carried previously, that we think you will enjoy.  Also several deckboxes and binder sleaves for MtG and similar sized card games.

Some highlights below.

BattleTech Introductory Box Set

BattleTech: Alpha Strike

Evil Baby Orphanage

Get Bit!

And many more. :)