X-Wing Tournament – October 12th

Call up your Rebel pilots and get those Imperial squads fueled and ready to go for our next X-Wing Tournament! Join us October 12th, 5 pm – 10 pm.

  • Prizes featured from the 2015 Prize Kit.
  • Standard 100-Point tournament.
  • $10 entry fee

Space is limited so preregistration at the store is recommended.

May the Force Be With You.

Gaming With Your Kids Workshop – October 11th

Do you love to play games? Do you have kids? Do you want your kids to love to play games? Then come join our resident Geek Dad, Gus, and learn about some great games to play with your kids at this weekend’s Gaming With Kids workshop. From Animal Upon Animal to Zooloretto, from Adventure Time to Zombie Dice, there’s a game for everyone. We’ll be providing demonstrations and tips and tricks to help keep your kids interested.

Gus will be on hand to help introduce you to games that are both age and theme appropriate for you and your kids based on your own interests and experiences. Games from our library will be available for you to play in the store. Either stop by for a quick recommendation or pull up a chair and play through some our favorite titles!

Event is free, gamers of all ages welcome!

MTG Lunch League – Starting Oct 6th.

Join us this Fall for our Magic the Gathering Lunch League starting October 6th. This will be a Battle For Zendikar Sealed Continuous Constructed League with a Booster Box of prize support per pod! The league will run for 7 weeks. See store for additional details.

League entry is $25, plus $5 for weekly play. Registration is open until day of, but spots are limited so early sign up is recommended.

Battle For Zendikar

Battle For Zendikar Prerelease Weekend!

Emerald Tavern is hosting a weekend of pre-release tournaments for MTG: Battle for Zendikar! Join us for any of three tournaments throughout the weekend. Tournament play will be swiss-style, with exclusive prerelease prizes. 

Saturday September 26th, 12 am – 5 am
Saturday September 26th, 10 am – 3 pm
Sunday September 27th, 5 pm – 10 pm

Registration is $25 for preregistration and $30 day of. Sign up in store only. Limited number of spots per time slot.


Painting With A Pint Returns!

Painting with a Pint is back again this month for a third go around! Ever been curious about miniature painting but didn’t know where to dive in? Been a while and looking to get back into this relaxing hobby? Well, here’s your chance!

$8 gets you entry and your choice of beverage* and a free Reaper miniature (yours to keep). We will supply paints and brushes. New and experienced painters are welcome. Join in anytime during the event.

Want some more focused attention? Join us 30 minutes prior for a focused demonstration (reservation required) at no additional cost.

*Event fee includes one beverage (draft beer, glass of wine/mead, tea, coffee or soft drink up to $8).

Sails of Glory

Sails of Glory Learn-to-Play

Join us from Noon to 4PM on International Talk Like a Pirate Day for a Learn-to-Play demo of Sails of Glory!

“The armies and fleets of the French Emperor Napoleon I battle across the seas, as well as on the fields of Europe. The fate of a continent is determined by the epic engagements of the British Royal Nave against the French and their allies, culminating in dramatic naval clashes such as the Battle of the Nile and Trafalgar.”

Fast playing and easy-to-learn, Sails of Glory uses pre-painted and assembled ship miniatures and an innovative movement mechanic, inspired by the acclaimed Wings of Glory system.


Age of Sigmar Learn to Play – August 31st

age-of-sigmarThis is the Age of Sigmar, a time when heroes, gods, monsters and daemons fight a desperate battle for the fate of the Mortal Realms. This is a time of epic tales, where mighty armies clash across the storm-wracked battlefields of an endless war.  Explore the world of fantasy miniatures with Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

Grab a pint and join us Monday,  August 31st from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. to learn to play this new and exciting table top miniatures game from Games Workshop.
All materials provided. Free event.