Warhammer 40k: Kill Team Meetup
Oct 21 @ 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Join us for a lively Sunday playing Warhammer 40k: Kill Team! We’ll be holding a casual open play day for free, so bring your best crack team of models to skirmish against other players in the community. We will be providing terrain and will have a set of the new rules for you to reference as you play. See you at the Tavern, and may your warbands be ever victorious!

Lazy Sunday Magic: Commander
Oct 21 @ 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Ever wanted to dust off your old Magic cards but they’re not legal in most formats these days? Wanna play a card that does something ridiculous but wouldn’t help you win? New to Magic and want a judgment-free space to learn by doing? Come to Lazy Sunday Magic! It’s the perfect way to have fun with any and all cards you may have in your arsenal, regardless of official Wizards of the Coast rules. Games will be one-on-one and multiplayer format, the atmosphere will be laid-back, and cards from all sets and blocks are accepted.

This upcoming Sunday will be featuring Commander play style in addition to regular casual Lazy Sunday play:
Its time for legends to clash! Come join our Commander meetup this Sunday at Noon. Bring your 100 card singleton decks built with your legendary commander in mind, and be ready to face a multitude of foes! Build your decks according to the official Wizards of the Coast Commander guidelines and come join our lovely community for an afternoon of fun.

Age of Sigmar: Champions TCG Casual Meetup
Oct 22 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Join us every Monday to play the exciting new trading card game, Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions!

This game features PlayFusion’s innovative card combat system with an Age of Sigmar twist. Choose your Champions and square off against your opponent in tactical lane combat as you race to unleash your team’s powerful Blessing spells. Discover your favorite Alliance and trade cards with other players to build the ultimate deck!

We will have several tables reserved for this event, but make sure to come early because space is still limited. Collect all 274 new cards and come try this epic new foray into the Warhammer universe!

Painting With a Pint
Oct 22 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Been curious about miniature painting but didn’t know where to dive in? Been a while and looking to get back into this relaxing hobby? Well, here’s your chance!

$10 gets you entry, your choice of beverage* and a free miniature (yours to keep). We will supply paints, brushes, and instructional help as needed. Both new and experienced painters are welcome. Join in any time during the event.

Space is limited, so come by the store today to reserve your seat.

*Any beverage, including draft beer, wine, coffee, and sodas, excluding bottled beer, sake and prosecco.

MtG Guilds of Ravnica Lunch League
Oct 23 @ 11:30 am – 1:00 pm

Take a break from your workday to battle for glory in the world of Magic the Gathering!

This month we’re holding a lunch league for Magic’s newest set release, Guilds of Ravnica. Entry will be $15 for league membership (3 packs for the first week) and $5 or a booster pack for each subsequent week you play in the league.

Players will build a 30 card deck and get their own deck box upon entry as well as a promo foil Necrotic Wound at the end of the league. Final prize pool scales with the number of entrants. The start of each league week is Tuesday but players can play single game matches for the league at any time other league participants are in the store. Prizes will be distributed based on number of games and match record, so play well and play often!

Good luck and see you at the Tavern!
Ashes – Casual Play
Oct 23 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Come play Ashes: Rise of the Pheonixborn with us! We play casually with decks out of the box and build our own, starts at 7pm – free to join with any cafe purchase. Beginners are always welcome!

Drafts & Draughts
Oct 24 @ 7:00 pm – 11:45 pm

Grab a draft beer and join us for a Booster Draft tournament. Open packs, build a deck, and compete against other Planeswalkers. Keep the cards you draft! Prizes for winner(s). As with all of our store sponsored events, a beverage of your choice is included with this event.*

New to drafting? No worries! We are new player friendly!

We tap the beer. You tap the cards. It’s Drafts & Drafts!

*Any beverage, including draft beer, wine, coffee, and sodas, excluding bottled beer, sake and prosecco.


Drafts & Draughts in June will feature the option to play with Battlebond:
Grab a friend and get ready to fight in this new Two-Headed Giant focused set.
With two players to a team, this set is designed to be played either in a draft or in a sealed pool,
and has mechanics that will let you cast powerful partner creatures or help assist your
teammate in casting their most potent spells. Build your decks to work together, and take down
your opponents!
Netrunner Meetup
Oct 25 @ 7:00 pm – 11:59 pm

Face off against your fellow gamers in this great asymmetrical 2-player LCG! Play as either the giant corporations of a futuristic cyberscape or the hackers trying to overthrow them. This is a free community event, and players of all experience levels are welcome. Never played before? No worries! Our event host Chris Demetriou can walk you through the basics and help set you on the path to conquest or sabotage.

X-Wing 2nd Edition Open Play
Oct 25 @ 7:00 pm – 11:45 pm

Play or play not, there is no try! We’re super excited about the new X-Wing release and we’re hosting an open play event to celebrate. Come with your best ships, try out the new format, and reign victorious! Entry to this event is complimentary with a cafe or retail purchase, so grab something from the cafe and enjoy. May the Force be with you, and see you at the Tavern!

Netrunner Casual Play – Let’s Do Lunch!
Oct 26 @ 11:30 am – 1:00 pm

Looking to spice up your lunch break? Try to build or overthrow a fictional capitalist society with Netrunner Casual Play every Friday! We have great lunch specials available to munch on while you while you play, and this event is always free with any cafe purchase. Come join us for lunch and explore the exciting world of Netrunner!