December 5, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 11:45 pm

Grab a draft beer and join us for a Booster Draft tournament. Open packs, build a deck, and compete against other Planeswalkers. Keep the cards you draft! Prizes for winner(s). As with all of our store sponsored events, a beverage of your choice is included with this event.*

New to drafting? No worries! We are new player friendly!

We tap the beer. You tap the cards. It’s Drafts & Drafts!

*Any beverage, including draft beer, wine, coffee, and sodas, excluding bottled beer, sake and prosecco.


Drafts & Draughts in June will feature the option to play with Battlebond:
Grab a friend and get ready to fight in this new Two-Headed Giant focused set.
With two players to a team, this set is designed to be played either in a draft or in a sealed pool,
and has mechanics that will let you cast powerful partner creatures or help assist your
teammate in casting their most potent spells. Build your decks to work together, and take down
your opponents!