CALL US (512) 994-4649

CALL US (512) 994-4649

The rumors are true! Emerald Tavern is expanding! Starting in Early 2019 you’ll see a whole new Tavern as we move into the space previously occupied by Sherlock’s Bar & Grill. Like all good expansion packs, our upgrade will feature all the best parts of our current space plus a whole lot of new extras! Read on below for answers to the most frequent questions. 

Are you guys really moving?
Yes! But barely! We’ll be moving to the corner space of our current shopping center which was previously occupied by Sherlock’s Bar & Grill.

When is this happening?
Construction will begin soon as we renovate the space to make it Austin’s premier Game Café environment. We’ll be opening in our new location Early 2019.

I love the Tavern though, is it closing?
Not at all! One of the best parts of this expansion is that we’ll be able to keep our doors open in our existing suite and keep the games going right up until our new space is ready to open.

So, what can we expect from the Emerald Tavern Expansion?
In is original conceptualization, Emerald Tavern was imagined as part English Pub, part Game Store, with a touch of Fantasy Tavern thrown in. As the store developed it became clear that more of a coffeeshop/café direction was needed. For the last five years, we’ve strived to serve high quality coffee, excellent sandwiches and a small but carefully curated selection of our favorite beers and meads. With the expansion into this new space, we’ll be able to add back into the mix some of our original concepts including a cocktail menu, an expanded draught selection and of course, an expanded food menu.

But I love the Tavern as it is! Does this mean you’re going to become a dark bar/loud music venue/busy restaurant/etc?
We wouldn’t be able to even think about this expansion if it wasn’t for the amazing support and community that has developed over the past 5 years and we’re committed to making sure the best parts of the Tavern don’t change! We’ll still have an incredible game library, a full retail selection, a mix of casual and organized events, and a bright, casual, gaming-friendly atmosphere. We’ll also be able to accommodate some of the most common requests we get from customers including more reservable spaces, more frequent events, and best of all – more seating! The indoor seating capacity should increase by about 4 times our current space plus we’ll have a greatly expanded patio section that will be perfect for larger groups and casual meet ups!

How do I find out more/ Can I help?
We have more announcements in the works! Watch our Facebook page for more news and announcements.