Dark or light? Every Phoenixborn struggles with this challenge. Do you resist the prophecy or do you give in to the darkness and hunt your fellow Phoenixborn? One Pheonixborn is still undecided.

Now it is your turn to choose and your choice will sway an upcoming Phoenixborn in her choice of how to carry the prophecies burden. Join in our Ashes: The War Within event series and help decide the fate of this Phoenixborn! Players will choose between Light and Darkness for each event, and this will determine which Ally they receive and which side is awarded points for that player. The winner of each event will also score additional points for the side they chose! Event organizers will then tally up and turn over these results to globally determine the fate of an upcoming Phoenixborn.

Event 1 – April 20th, 7 PM – 10 PM: Mercy vs. Malice. Aradell faces Jessa for the hearts of Anchornaughts
Event 2 – May 14th, 4 PM – 7 PM: Devotion vs Vanity. Maoni and Saria clash to sway Fire Archers to their side
Event 3 – June 11th, 12 PM – 4 PM: Protection vs Conquest. Coal struggles to push back Dimona over the allegiance of Rose Fire Dancers

Build any legal deck to bring into the fray and throw your support for one side or the other to get the promo from the side you fight for just for showing up! The winner gets an alt art Pheonixborn from the side they choose as well and pushes fate even further towards light or dark with their victory. Your choice will help decide the fate of one upcoming Phoenixborn!

$10 entry gets you entered into the event as well as the tasty beverage of your choice!*

*Any beverage, including draft beer, wine, coffee, and sodas, excluding bottled beer, sake and prosecco.