October 30, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Zombies and Dark Knights, Wicked Fey and Wicked Stepmothers- its a frightful Throne of Eldraine Draft! $18 gets you a drink, 3 booster packs to draft, and the chance to win some Spooktacular Prizes!

This will be structured like our normal Drafts and Draughts, except we will have extra promo packs to give out to all participants as an extra “Treat”!

Grab a draft beer and join us for a Booster Draft tournament. Open packs, build a deck, and compete against other Planeswalkers. Keep the cards you draft! Prizes for winner(s). Entry is $18, and as with all of our store sponsored events, a beverage of your choice is included with this event.*

New to drafting? No worries! We are new player friendly!

We tap the beer. You tap the cards. It’s Drafts & Drafts!

*Any non-alcoholic cafe beverage, or draft beer.