May 7, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Bring your very best deck down to our Keyforge Chainbound League! Over the course of four Tuesday evenings, participants will play against different opponents and gain chains (and power levels) according to win/loss record. These statistics will be registered in the official Keyforge database, and will travel with the deck through this event and beyond!

Top place will win a new deck each week, and as monthly grand prizes we have our highly exclusive “Emerald Tavern” decks! The top scoring player for the entire month will score one of these decks that all contain Emerald Tavern in their Archon name. In addition, for each week you show up, you get a ticket entered into our ultimate door prize drawing at the end of the month for yet another Emerald Tavern deck. Show up to all four weeks, and get an extra ticket!

Bring whichever deck you want to play each night, but make sure you have registered it with the official Keyforge App- this is how your deck will be allocated both wins and chains.

Entry for the entire league is $20 and includes one drink ticket* that can be used at any of the 4 events. Event caps at a total of 24 participants. Can’t wait to see you there – and don’t forget to bring your A game!

*Any beverage, including draft beer, wine, coffee, and sodas, excluding bottled beer, sake and prosecco.