June 17, 2018 @ 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Ever wanted to dust off your old Magic cards but they’re not legal in most formats these days? Wanna play a card that does something ridiculous but wouldn’t help you win? New to Magic and want a judgment-free space to learn by doing? Come to Lazy Sunday Magic! It’s the perfect way to have fun with any and all cards you may have in your arsenal, regardless of official Wizards of the Coast rules. Games will be one-on-one and multiplayer format, the atmosphere will be laid-back, and cards from all sets and blocks are accepted.

This upcoming Sunday will be featuring Brawl play style in addition to regular casual Lazy Sunday play:
Lets get ready to rumble! This Sunday, join us at noon for an epic Brawl meetup. Bring your 60 card, singleton decks (made using standard cards), with an almighty legendary leader, and get ready for an afternoon of Brawl!