November 2, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 11:45 pm
Join the intense cyber-struggle between corporations and runners at the the Emerald Tavern Netrunner League! Meet other fans of the game, refine your skills, and enjoy jumping into the immersive world of Android. Compete in league matches over the course of 7 weeks to earn points and try to secure your spot at the league championship. Build unique decks to earn achievement points, and play thrilling matches against other members of our vibrant local community. New players are welcome and encouraged to join. Between wonderful teachers to help you learn and special prizes just for signing up, it is the best way to jump into this fantastic game!
Entry fee is $15, and includes all 8 weeks of play, promos, prizes, and trophies. Players do not need to attend every week, and a catch-up mechanic ensures everyone has a chance to earn a spot in the finals. Games are played between 7pm and midnight, and you can come and go at any time. All decks must follow current restrictions, including the active FAQ and Most Wanted List.
one-time $15 entry
7pm-midnight every Thursday
finals on December 7