April 20, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 11:45 pm
New ANR league, starting April 20 at Emerald Tavern! This league will follow a new format, and be open to players of all experience levels. The league will have a ONE TIME entry fee of $15, which will cover prize support including promos, trophies, and more. We will be using a simple scoring system to track player rankings, and even be including a catch-up mechanic so players who cannot make it every week can still compete. At the end of 7 weeks of league play, the top 8 players will compete for additional prizes. All participants will receive swag for entering, and there will be special prizes for players who are new to the game. For more information, see the full league rules below. Hope you will all join in for this fun new format!
    • playing a game (1 side) scores you 1 point
    • winning a game (1 side) scores you 1 additional point
    • if at game start your opponent’s season score exceeds yours by 10 or more, your points will be doubled (“catch-up mechanic”)
    • you can log points for 1 full match (2 games, 1 each side) per opponent each night
    • at the first night of league play, achievements will be revealed
    • each achievement will present a challenge to set a “high score” for some statistic
    • example: win as corp with the MOST forfeited printed agenda points
    • at the end of the season, the player who holds the high score each achievement will receive 10 bonus points
    • all players will receive prizes for participating
    • top players will receive additional prizes
    • “rookie hackers” receive extra promos just for signing up (started playing within 6 months of league start)
    • special reward for top player AND top “rookie hacker”
    • prizes include trophies, promo cards, and tokens
    • entry fee is $15, paid one time
    • players can join the league at any time
    • entry fee goes into creating prize support (the more people enter, the better the swag)
    • new players are WELCOME and highly encourage to join in