July 8, 2016 @ 11:30 am – 1:00 pm
We’re hosting a NetRunner Lunch League, and by popular demand we’ll be playing this one on Fridays all during the month of July.

Entry each week is $5 or free with purchase of a lunch combo (day of event only).

Scoring is designed to reward match play over single games. Points are also available for certain achievements, these can only be earned once. Tie breakers for each: most matches won, most matches played, most games won, most games played, most people taught. No player may win in more than one prize category (except Participation).

Players may register at any time during the League. All League games must be played at the store.

Players are responsible for bringing their own cards, tokens, mats, etc. Cards are not required to be sleeved, unless you intend on using promo cards in which case, opaque sleeves must be used. The most wanted list is in effect.

You will have a weekly checklist to track your progress. At some point during the week, have a staff member emboss your sheet. Turn sheets in at the counter after a week is completed. The League Organizer (LO) will add up each week’s tally and post the current standings to the store website. The LO may play, but is ineligible to win prizes.

Weekly standings will be published online typically within 48 hours of events.