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CALL US (512) 994-4649


Frequently Asked Questions

We are in the process of updating our FAQ as we speak! Please check back soon for an updated list.

Q: Can I run a Tab?
A: Unfortunately, not at this time. All purchases are pay-as-you-go. (This is due to the point of sale software we run. Being designed for retail operations, it just doesn’t “get it”. We’ve prototyped several work-arounds, but all have had problems.)

Q: Do you allow outside food?
A: No. We do not allow outside food, drink, or containers therefor. We offer a wide variety of beverages, sandwiches, and snacks. If there is something you believe is missing from our menu, please let us know.

Q: Are e-cigs permitted?
A: No. We do not allow smoking of any kind in the store, including e-cigs.

Q: Can I host a LAN party or electronic game night at the store?
A: We do not allow group PC/tablet/electronic gaming in the store as such activities are generally disruptive to our table top gaming customers and can additionally present safety issues with power cords/network cables/etc stretched across and to tables.