Retail Games

At Emerald Tavern, we pride ourselves on having a a great game selection for everyone — from brand new gamers, to casual hobbyists, to hardcore tabletop experts. As we often say “Every game might not be right for every player, but for any player we have a game (or 5) you’ll love!” Not sure what you’re looking for? Our knowledgable staff is on-hand to answer all your questions – no question is “too newbie”, no detail “too obscure.”

Our game sections include:
Family Games
Cooperative Games
Party Games
Strategy Games
Role-Playing Games
Collectible Games
Tactical Miniature Games
Paint & Paint Supplies
Gaming Accessories

Game Library
With more than 300 titles in our Game Library, you’re sure to find the perfect game for your group. From 15 minute one-on-one card games to 3 hour, multiplayer epic tabletop sagas, we have it all!

Search our Game Library Menu and find your next favorite game!

Special Orders
Looking for a specific title? Hoping to add an expansion pack to your favorite game? Fill out our Special Order Form and build out your own game library. Most in-print titles are available within 1 week.

Fly the Flag!
If you are looking for other players to join your game or if you would like to join someone else’s game then please… Fly the flag!Located at our game library shelves, place one of the miniature Lion Rampant of Scotland* flags on your table to let others know you are forming or looking to join a game.
(* Also known as the Royal Standard of Scotland and the Banner of the King of Scots, in case you were curious.)

Tables & Game Library Policies
The Emerald Tavern concept seeks, at its core, to provide a comfortable place to meet and play games while enjoying beer, wine, coffee, food and snacks.
Food and beverage purchases directly support our library and game space and make our concept possible.Our game library and table space are free and complementary for our food and drink customers.

For the enjoyment of all, we do have a few rules:
• Outside food or drink are not permitted.
• Except where noted (reservation card), tables are available on a first-come, first-serve basis
• Tables and game library are free for use with a café purchase
• You are welcome to bring your own games too
• Unpaid merchandise may not enter the table/restroom area until they are purchased.
• Tables may not be combined or moved
• Sometimes a group is looking for others to play a game; sometimes they just want to play by themselves. Please respect others
• Some games are designed to be played quietly while others can tend to be loud and obnoxious… again, be respectful to your neighbor tables that are not playing your game
• During busy periods customers not making reasonable purchases of food and/or drinks may be asked to give up their table for other cafe customers who are waiting for a table
• Smoking, including electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, etc. is strictly prohibited inside the store
• To protect our wood tables, miniature painting or model building are only permitted during store sponsored events using provided table coverings and only on specifically designated tables
• Personal music players/electronic devices playing music/videos/etc. may only be used with headphones.
• Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times