CALL US (512) 994-4649

CALL US (512) 994-4649

All of us at Emerald Tavern would like to thank everyone who joined us for International Tabletop Day this year!

We got a lot of helpful suggestions that we look forward to addressing in the future (and some we are already working on!).

We are happy to announce the winners of our door prize drawing! We have reached out to our winners through email already, but if you have any questions feel free to message us.

Super Kitty Bug Slap:
Minerva S
Nikolay S
Debbie C

Batman: The Animated Series Dice Game:
Brett R

Bananagrams Party Edition:
Kelli L

7 Wonders Duel:
Ruben R

The Cat Game:
Wendy L

Space Base:
Bryanna C

Scrawl: Doodle Your Way to Disaster:
Kacey D

Camel Up:
Dekayla H

Crystal Clans:
Sierra H

7 Wonders:
Tammy S

Savannah N

Thank you again for joining us and see you next time at the Tavern!