CALL US (512) 994-4649

CALL US (512) 994-4649

Join us this month for our first ever Painting Competition. The Legends Painting Competition allows you to show off your painting prowess and compete in 4 exciting categories.

$50 in Games Workshop credit for 1st place in each of our 4 categories.

4 Categories to Enter: 
Hero of Legend: For single models on foot or mounted on a roughly horse-sized mount
Beast of Legend: All types of monsters and heroes mounted on huge, monstrous mounts
Engine of Legend: All artillery, war machines, and mechanical engines of war
Company of Legend: Any unit of 10 or less models on foot, 5 or less models on horse-sized mounts, or 3 or less models on monstrous mounts

Entry is free with any Age of Sigmar Model Kit Purchase. Models entered must be from Age of Sigmar Line.
One entry per customer per category.
Winner will be determined by popular vote.

March 21st – 24th: Model Submission
March 25th – 28th: In-store voting
March 28th: Winners announced!