Netrunner League

Come be a part of the first-ever Android: Netrunner league at Emerald Tavern Games and Cafe!
Players of all levels are welcome.  The league is designed to reward casual (and fun) play!

Schedule and Entry Fee

Entry is easy! Just buy yourself a $10 Emerald Tavern gift card!

League Demo Day is Saturday, 4/19, 1-6pm.  Come learn (or teach) how to play. No prizes, points, or stress, just lots of demos!

League begins Saturday, 4/26 and runs through Saturday, 5/24.  “League Days” are Saturdays from 1-6pm, but you are welcome to play games at any time during the week.  The cards allowed each week will change as follows:

Week 1 (4/26-5/2): Decks must be built with cards from the core set ONLY.

Week 2 (5/3-5/9): Decks must be built with cards from the core set or the Genesis Cycle ONLY.

Week 3 (5/10-5/16): Decks must be built with cards from the core set, the Genesis Cycle, or Creation and Control ONLY.

Week 4 (5/17-5/23): Decks must be built with cards from the core set, the Genesis Cycle, Creation and Control, or the Spin Cycle ONLY.

LAST DAY (5/24): Anything goes! Any released Android:Netrunner cards can be included!


Scoring is designed to reward match play over single games. Points are also available for certain achievements, these can only be earned once.  Tie breakers for each: most matches won, most matches played, most games won, most games played, most people taught.  No player may win in more than one prize category (except Participation).

Overall winner: 2014 Season 1 Champion playmat and Promo HB:Engineering the Future  card.
2nd Place: choice of Deck Box.
3rd Place: remaining Deck Box.
Most Achievement Points: Promo HB: Engineering the Future  card.
Participation: Promo Wyldside card (awarded upon posting your first league points).


Players may register at any time during the League.  All League games must be played at the store.
Players are responsible for bringing their own cards, tokens, mats, etc. Cards are not required to
be sleeved, unless you intend on using promo cards, in which case, opaque sleeves must be used.

You will have a weekly checklist to track your progress.  At some point during the week, have a
staff member emboss your sheet.  Turn  sheets in at the counter after a week is completed. The League Organizer (LO) will add up each week’s tally and post the current standings to the store
website. The LO may play, but is ineligible to win prizes.

Games vs. Matches

A game is a single round, in which one player plays the Corporation and the other the Runner. A “game win” is awarded to the first player of a game to score 7 (or more) Agenda Points.

A match is a set of two games played with the same players, in which both players change sides for the second game. For a match, you will use your corporation deck for one game, and your runner deck for the next.  A player is awarded 10 match points for a win, and a number of match points equal to how many agenda points they scored if they lose. A match win is awarded to the player with the highest overall match points.  In case of a tie, both players are awarded the win.


General (earnable multiple times)

Play a game: 1 point
Win a game: 1 point
Play a match: 3 points
Win a match: 2 points
Teach someone not in the league how to play: 5 points
Play against a new player (resets weekly): 1 point

Corporation Achievements (earnable only once):

Play as a new faction: 1 point
Win as a new faction: 2 points
Win by flatlining the runner: 2 points
Win with 6 or more Bad Publicity: 3 points
Install and score an Agenda in a single turn: 2 points
Deal 6 or more meat damage in one turn: 2 points
Deal 5 or more net damage in one turn: 2 points
Deal 2 or more brain damage in one turn: 2 points
Have a card with 7 or more Advancement Tokens on it: 3 points
Win with one or more Agendas in Archives: 3 points

Runner Achievements (earnable only once):

Play as a new faction: 1 point
Win as a new faction: 2 points
Win while Tagged: 2 points
Win with 3 or more Brain Damage tokens: 3 points
Win by decking the corp: 3 points
Steal 2 or more Agendas in a single turn: 2 points
During the game, have more points scored than the Corp has forfeited: 3 points
Have 11 or more virus tokens in play: 2 points
Make a successful run on all three central servers in one turn: 3 points
Win without using any AI breakers: 2 points