Netrunner League Stats

2014 Season One

We had a great league with almost 30 participants! Thanks to all who joined in the fun!  Without further adieu, we present the winners! (Photographed with our league organizer presenting the prizes!)

2014-05-29 17.05.17 (Medium)(above) Overall Winner: Kyle H. (2014 Season One game mat and special promo card)
2014-05-24 21.07.35 (Medium)(above) 2nd Place: Brad M. (2014 Season One Jinteki deck box)
2014-05-29 21.50.08 (Medium)(above) 3rd Place: Chris J. (2014 Season One Criminal deck box)
2014-05-29 17.36.29 (Medium)
(above) Achievement Point Winner: Dan B. (Special promo card)