CALL US (512) 994-4649

CALL US (512) 994-4649

January 11, 7:00-10:00PM

Come join us for a Paint Clinic for learning miniature painting! More focused and hands-on than our monthly Painting with a Pint, our Paint Clinic is limited to 12 participants and will provide a step-by-step guided walk through of the painting process from start to finish, including model preparation, priming, base color selection and application.

We will cover basic and intermediate highlighting and shading techniques including drybrushing, washing, layering, and blending.

We will also cover alternative applications of basic techniques for detailing and weathering models/miniatures. Each participant will paint and keep 2-3 high quality miniatures. Feel free to bring your own miniatures if you have specific questions you’d like to ask about them. An open Q&A and general help session will round out the last portion of the class. All paints and brushes will be supplied, but you are welcome to bring your own brushes if you have favorites you would like to use.

As will all of our painting events, a beverage of your choice is included with this clinic.* Space is limited, so come by the store today to reserve your  seat.

*Any beverage, including draft beer, wine, coffee, and sodas up to $8, excluding bottled beer.