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Builders Guild

Sometimes even the most intrepid of adventuring parties needs to get a little extra help from friendly townsfolk, and completing a quest is always best when done with friends!

That’s why we want to invite you – the Emerald Tavern community – to officially join us in our final push towards the expansion opening. Join the Emerald Tavern “Builders Guild” and join a select group of our most loyal supporters to celebrate with us. Think of this as a mini, in-house crowd-funding campaign that you get to be a part of.

As a member of the Builder’s Guild you’ll receive exclusive swag, opportunities during the year available only to guild members and the chance to see the inner-workings of the Tavern at our “Preview Party” held the week before our soft-launch!

To join the Builder’s Guild you can either purchase entry directly OR purchase one of our exclusive “Premium Experiences” where you’ll help craft the very future of the Tavern!