Star Wars X-Wing League

Beginning Monday, July 21st, Emerald Tavern Games & Cafe will be starting our Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game League!  (League runs through Monday August 18th).1m5ixu90

We’ll be hosting weekly X-Wing gaming sessions that will lead to fun and prizes.
Emerald Tavern aims towards a casual environment that’s open and accepting to players of all styles and experience. Grab a pint (Imperial Pint!), relax and join in the fun.

Schedule and Play Fees

Each week, you will obtain your league sheet by purchasing a $5 Emerald Tavern Gift Card that can be used for anything in store; sandwiches, beer, more ships! (You can simply add the $5 to the same card each week, they are reusable).

League will start on Monday, July 21st and runs through Monday, August 18th.

We will have weekly League Days on Mondays from 5-10 PM.

Only games played during the League events and against other League members will count (outside of teaching a new player, they need not be a League member).

We’ll be playing with a weekly escalating system.

The points allowed per week will be as follows:

Week 1 (July 21st): 60 Point Squadrons
Week 2 (July 28th): 90 Point Squadrons
Week 3 (August 4th): 120 Point Squadrons
Week 4 (August 11th): 150 Point Squadrons
Last Day (August 18th): A League-Only Escalating Squadron Tournament (Explained Below)


Scoring is designed to award players who continue attending and playing with us!
Tie Breakers for awards will be explained below.

The participation award is bestowed following the posting of your first League points.

Overall Winner: Special Summer 2014 Medal, Alternate Art Biggs Darklighter card and Acrylic Bomb Tokens
2nd Place: Alternate Art Biggs Darklighter Card and Acrylic Bomb Tokens
3rd Place: Choice of Deck Box
4th Place: Remaining Deck Box
Participation (everyone): Promo Academy Pilot card


  • Players may bring both Empire and Rebel squadrons each week but are requested to refrain from bringing more materials than are needed to save on space.
  • Players will need to provide their own Damage Card decks.
  • Proxies are not allowed in any form.
  • After you’re done playing for the day, leave your score sheet with a staff member, who will emboss it and file for the league organizer.
  • All games will be played with Asteroid obstacles and dogfight rules.  Last man standing wins!
  • Games are not restricted to Rebel v. Empire, play what you’re more comfortable with.
  • Players may register at any time during the League events.
  • All League games must be played at the store during League events.
  • Players are responsible for providing their own miniatures, cards, tokens, dials, etc. Cards are not required to be sleeved.
  • Miniatures may be painted (because that makes them more awesome!) but cannot vary in shape or size.
  • Ship bases may be weighted down but may not change the shape or size of them.
  • Third party Range Rulers, Tokens and Maneuver Templates are allowed as long as they are accepted by the League Organizer (LO) first.

The LO will add up each week’s tally and post the current standings to the store website.
The LO may play, but is ineligible to win prizes.


Score sheets will be provided when you register each week.

Play a game: 3 Points
Win a game:  2 Points
Teach someone not in the League how to play: 5 Points
Play against a new player (resets weekly): 1 Point

In case of ties in league points, ties will be broken by most wins. If wins are tied, we’ll decide at that time (maybe one last game if we have time!)

League-Only Escalating Squadron Tournament

This tournament will be held on Monday, August 18th from 5:30-9:30 PM.  Yes, this will be a 4-hour long tournament!  Be prepared!!
The tournament will only be open to people who turned in at least two week’s League score sheets and played a minimum of four games throughout the tournament.
Anyone who placed in the League will be unable to win prizes in the tournament but are welcome to play.
The tournament will be a Swiss-Style Tournament with three rounds that grow in squadron size and time limits that follow our weekly schedule.
The round points will be 60, 90 and 120.  The round time limits will be 50, 70 and 90 minutes.
Any games that are still being played when time is up will be allowed to finish the turn and then remaining points will be tallied,higher point squadron wins the round.
You will choose one faction for the tournament, either Rebels or Empire.
Each squad must contain all ships and upgrade cards from the previous squad.
Ships from the previous round must keep all equipped upgrade cards and these cards may not be “transferred” to a different ship.
However, new upgrade cards may be added to ships from the previous squad.
This will all be based on the honor system, if we catch anyone cheating or abusing the rules, we have the right to remove them from the tournament.
Please, don’t make us do this, keep the game fun! Relax and have a pint.

Again, have all of your builds prepared as fully as you can before coming and keep materials you bring to a minimum to help save space.1m5ixu90