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CALL US (512) 994-4649

Have you ever wanted to pilot the Millennium Falcon? Slave I? Luke’s X-Wing? Vader’s Tie Fighter?

In Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game, you can do just that!  You pilot the most iconic ships from Star Wars, creating epic battles between the Empire and the Rebel Alliance!

With multiple play styles and a dozen different ships, each match is as unique as you make it.  The core game is a classic head to head battle of wills that allows you to pit your favorite lineup against your opponent and the last ship flying wins.  There are also missions included that have the Rebels protecting a senator’s shuttle or have the Empire trying to download information from recently discovered holonet satellites.  One of the variations is a 3-4 player version adding in a layer of strategy and team play.

On Monday, May 18th  Emerald Tavern Games & Café will be teaching and demonstrating Star Wars X-Wing in anticipation of our upcoming league!  You will not need to have the game for the Learn to Play event.  Show up with your questions, wit and strategies!

For entertainment and a bit of previewing, here’s a video of Wil Wheaton, Seth Green and some others playing Star Wars X-Wing!

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