CALL US (512) 994-4649

CALL US (512) 994-4649

Join SXSW and fellow gamers from around Austin for more tabletop gaming at Emerald Tavern during our January Tabletop Night.

Come experience some of the newest and currently trending games out in the tabletop scene with our special guest Iello Games. For January we’ll be showcasing all-time favorites King of Tokyo and King of New York alongside a variety of other titles from IELLO’s extensive library including Medieval Academy, Welcome to the Dungeon, World of Yo-Ho, and The Big Book of Madness. Raffles for free games, courtesy of IELLO, will be given throughout the night.

We’ll also be providing free pints and other awesome non-alcoholic drinks to each attendee to enjoy the night with!

So, whether you’re a BGG pro, a general tabletop enthusiast, or a fellow geek who enjoys sharing a pint, this SXSW Gaming Community Meet Up is the perfect stop for all your tabletop gaming needs!

Space and tickets are limited, so please be sure to RSVP in advance.