After four weeks of tough battles, TIE swarms and epic die rolls, we have come to the end of our Star Wars X-Wing League! With some nice alternate art cards, deck boxes and acrylic tokens at stake, I present you our 2014 Summer X-Wing League winners!

Overall Winner: Frank J. will be taking home a Special Summer 2014 Medal, Alternate Art Biggs Darklighter card and Acrylic Bomb Tokens
2nd Place: Kai Y. has won the Alternate Art Biggs Darklighter Card and Acrylic Bomb Tokens
3rd Place: Finally, Per E. and Eugene H. have won their choice of Deck Boxes!

For our winners, if you won’t be attending the tournament contact me for your awards!

We would like to remind all of our League Players noted on the Stats page that they are welcome to a League-Only Escalating Squadron tournament on Monday, the 18th, starting at 5:30 PM!